About Us

Safety & Assessment Services has operated since 1994. Since starting there has been steady and sustainable growth in our business. Established originally in Cumbria we operated offices in Scotland and Cumbria before consolidating our operations in Scotland during 2002. our director

We are expert and experienced in the application of fault identification and analysis techniques such as Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies, Layer of PProtection Analysis (LOPA), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), hazard / fault tree / event tree analysis and consequence and risk assessment.

Our experience covers the identification and assessment of hazards on oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear and mechanical plant (as well as non-process applications), the establishment, assessment and improvement of safety management systems in various industry sectors and the definition and delivery of training programmes.

Steve Whitty is approved to lead HAZOP studies for BP and Shell, and is a registered tutor with the Institution of Chemical Engineers; he has delivered multiple public and in-house courses on their behalf. During 2010, S&AS Ltd acquired JENBUL Ltd, a long standing training provider in HAZOP and related subjects.

Our office is equipped with the latest in computer technology, with a range of common proprietary software packages and full broadband internet links, ensuring that wherever you are and however you operate we can deal with your requirements.

Dunbeath, our base on Scotland's north east coast, is close to two airports (Inverness and Wick), mainline railway links and is on the main A9 trunk road. From there we operate world-wide to provide sound and affordable safety advice to clients large and small in a wide variety of industries, from oil and gas processing and exploration to nuclear power generation, chemical plant operation, defence equipment manufacture and service sector concerns.

We have strong working links with many leading Technical Safety Consultancies.

S&AS implements quality management systems which, until 2023 were confirmed by external audit (British Assessment Bureau) to satisfy the requirements of ISO9001:2015. Our certification was continuous since 2012. However, a review of value added during 2023 concluded that the annual audits had introduced only minor improvements and so we decided to dispense with that aspect. While we cannot claim continued certification, we continue to operate to our existing QMS system (which will continue to be developed by our internal audits), which was certified for:

The provision of technical safety studies through the application of fault identification and analysis techniques used for the identification and assessment of hazards to organisations operating in the global Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Defence and general industry/Government sectors